A few days ago, i came out to my mom. By “came out,” I mean I announced that a) I’m a lesbian and b) i don’t believe in god. My mother is an immigrant from Guyana, and in her culture (in West Indian cultures collectively), homosexuality and atheism are blasphemous.

But I felt it was time. I wanted to accept myself fully without fearing anyone’s disapproval; and, whether or not she accepted it, I wanted my mom to know the important parts of who I am.

I won’t delve too deep into it, because coming out wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I thought it’d be. At first, things were awkward…but my mom wasn’t hostile, and she came around much faster than I expected. She’s asked me questions about my “new lifestyle” since then, but other than that, everything’s normal. Better even, because I can trust her a bit more. And when she tells me she loves me, I feel it.