Starting the New Year off on a good foot:

A few days ago, i came out to my mom—as both a lesbian and an atheist. Double whammy.

My mother is an immigrant rom Guyana. In her culture (West Indian cultures collectively), homosexuality and atheism are blasphemous. Still, I felt it was time. I was tired of fearing people’s judgement. I knew that to conquer that fear meant to stop seeking approval from my mother: hiding parts of who i am and fostering a disingenuous relationship.

There isn’t much to write about the outcome. Coming out wasn’t nearly as dramatic as I thought it’d be. At first, things were awkward…but my mom wasn’t hostile, and she came around much faster than expected. She’s asked me questions about my “new lifestyle” since then, but other than that, everything’s normal. No, better actually, because I feel seen and accepted. I feel like I can relax and trust her a bit more. Like now, when she tells me she loves me, I can feel it.