Yesterday I finally created a vision board! I’ve been meaning to for so long, and now that it’s up there, I love it. It adds to my bare walls and makes me feel more optimistic. I didn’t plan to expand it originally, but now I may have to, if only to cover that annoying brown scratch in the corner (that was already there when I moved in!) Finished or not, I like that simply having a vision board encourages me to dream more.

The major themes on my board are relationships, money, and creativity. Some photos represent things I’ll achieve in 2019, while others will be manifestations in the long term. Regardless of how much time it takes, I’m convinced that I can have everything on my board, or better. I am truly capable of making it all happen.

The best thing the board does is remind me of my “why.” If things feel tough and I question the process, I can look at these photos and imagine what good lies ahead. in that regard, a vision board can keep me grateful for the journey itself.