Remember my last post, when I was growing my hair out? A lot of has changed between then and now.

For one, I quit my job last week. By "quit," I mean I completely stopped going.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make…I left with nothing but a resignation e-mail. I had never quit a job so haphazardly before. I worried that my colleagues, future employers, and loved ones would find me irresponsible.  But at the same time, I was willing to forfeit their good graces, if it meant that no one could talk me into spending any more time apart from my dream.

After that, I began planning my move to Brooklyn.  I took another week-long visit, where I met with employers, browsed affordable housing, and leveraged any resources that could make my move possible.  Towards the end of my stay, I reconnected with a friend I made a year ago, who just happened to have a vacant room in his apartment…

So that's where I am in the process currently: newly (f)unemployed and dipping into my humble savings to move.

This part of my life feels risky, but essential. I’m making sacrifices with my time, energy, and money that are new to me; but, I realize that a big part of living fully is pushing past my comfort zone. Sure, walking into unknown territory feels uncertain, but, I feel more alive with every step I take.

And yeah, in the spirit of change, I got a new haircut. It’s an adjustment…but I think a little change looks good on me.