I did it: tomorrow, I move to Brooklyn. I’ve been packing for the last two days.

As a minimalist, I own less than everybody I know. I’ve managed to shove most of my valuables in a suitcase, a carry-on, and one box to be shipped out after my arrival. Everything else I’ve either sold or discarded.

Regardless, the little I have left feels like too much to be bothered with now that I’m ready to move. My suitcase of essentials is one thing, but I don’t like the miscellaneous crap. I can’t even fathom buying new furniture (i.e. more crap) one I move.

I think I’ll pare down even more after moving. I’m looking for even more ease and mobility with my belongings—freedom, essentially. The money I’ll save buying less won’t hurt either. How cool would it be if I became one of those free spirits living out of a simple backpack?? I should start a “minimalism” tag and update with the changes I make.

Until then…wish me luck tomorrow.