My afro is one of my favorite features. I started growing my hair out last year, around this time, after growing tired of experimenting for “the right look.” The signature only came when I surrendered and left my hair alone.

It’s a simple style, really. My coils look looser when wet (pictured above), and more compact when they’re dry. Occasionally I wear my hair wrapped in a headscarf or styled in a mohawk…but aside from that, I don’t fuss over it. I don’t use any styling products. Most days I just fluff it out and go.

To maintain it, I do the bare minimum. I wash it once a month to keep it clean without drying everything out. My “shampoo” is just a coconut-based face wash, free of artificial chemicals and sulfates. I don’t follow up with conditioner; I don’t brush or comb my hair; I don’t apply any moisturizers or oils…

I know some of you are cringing at this. I do sleep on a satin pillowcase, if that helps?

oct 2017.

oct 2017.

jun 2018.

jun 2018.

Keeping things simple works for me, especially for the look and feel of my hair. Since I don’t suffocate them with product every day, my coils are soft and defined. I avoid breakage because I don’t brush, comb, or even finger detangle. Underr the shower head, my hair practically detangles itself.

(Some curls that have clumped together may loc over time. I’m not too upset about it—I quite like the chunky, textured look.)

Interestingly, my hair has never read as “unprofessional” at work, something many women with hair like mine are afraid of. I decided long ago that if my hair prevented me from getting a certain job, then that’s not the right job for me anyway. But most people have only approached me with compliments.

In the end, what matters most is that I enjoy it. I’ve been content with this hairstyle longer than any I’ve had before; for now, I’m happy to watch it grow.

But if anything changes, I’ll be sure to update.