A break from my usual musings to share what I’ve been loving recently:


Lone Natural Bold Deodorant (pictured). I’ve only tried the “Mint” from Lone’s Bold collection, but this is the best brand of natural deodorant I’ve tried thus far. It’s only drawbacks are: 1) I have to apply it with my fingers because the knob releases too much product in one turn…and 2) I seem to sweat more from wearing it (emphasis on it being a deodorant not an antiperspirant)… but it’s the only natural deodorant I’ve used that greatly reduces, if not eliminates, any odor throughout the day.

The Northface Borealis backpack: a Christmas gift. It’s been useful for carrying my technology, notebooks, and reading with me around the city. I wanted to replace my old gym bag with more storage space for light travels; but it’s replaced my tiny everyday purse too. I think I prefer the utilitarian look of this backpack over a purse anyway.

Gold huggie hoops (pictured), another gifted item. They’re really small and subtle, about 9mm in diameter. They’re nothing fancy, but I haven’t taken them off since I got ‘em.

Lone Hydrate + Butlers Body Butters Lip Balm (pictured). I ordered the BBB Lip Balm in “Lavender Peppermint” from Etsy a few months ago in search of a natural vegan alternative. I got lucky on my first try: this lip balm is thick and healing, perfect for winter. The Lone Lip Balm in “Honey Vanilla” arrived as an unexpected gift with my first order of Lone deodorant. While their lip balm isn’t vegan, I was sold on how it softened my lips instantly upon use. Both balms are true to their names: BBB is moisturizes and protects like a butter, while Lone dries matte and deeply hydrates. I find them both to be nourishing, long-lasting, and healthier your standard commercial brand.

Sketch videos on YouTube. Not a material item but…I started sketching a few weeks ago and found it therapeutic. I haven’t drawn (intentionally) since I was a teenager, but now it’s something I’d like to start again.